All About Skit Happens

Published: 20 August 2018

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A new Aussie sketch show where nothing is off-limits

This edgy skit show features a bunch of Australia’s finest up-and-coming comedians. They hilariously and controversially depict a wide range of stereotypes. 

The sketches are unapologetic, funny, and pretty damn accurate.

They don’t discriminate in their provocative gags. No ethnicity, profession or age group is off-limits.

They’ve got your vloggers,

Skit Happens, Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

reality TV judges,

Skit Happens, Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

bogan travellers,

Skit Happens, Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

the production company executives,

Skit Happens, Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

and so many more.

Skit Happens, Pilot Week, Ten, 2018

This half-hour skit show is bound to get you giggling.

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