All About Disgrace!

Published: 20 August 2018

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A new comedy series tackling the big issues that are pissing people off all over the world

Disgrace! is fronted by funny-man and ex-politician Sam Dastyari. 

He hosts a panel of personalities including: Stephanie Rice (Olympic Gold Medalist), Greg Baxter (Communications Specialist), Peter Deppeler (Radio Producer) and Becky Lucas (Comedian).

Disgrace, Pilot Week, 2018

They’ve also got newsreader Natasha Exelby standing by, informing you about everything you didn’t realise you needed to be outraged about.

Disgrace, Pilot Week, 2018

These guys will have you giggling while questioning all that you know. They use jokes, insights and controversial opinions to break down and pull apart important, current, global issues.

Some of these issues include:

The danger of old posts coming back to haunt you on social media,

Disgrace, Pilot Week, 2018, Channel Ten

Roseanne’s “apology” video,

Pilot Week, Disgrace, Roseanne, 2018, Channel Ten

and the big questions we are burning to ask the notorious “Poo Jogger”.

Disgrace, Channel Ten,  2018

This is the honest, risqué and self-deprecating new panel show you need in your life.

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