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Hosted by Amanda Keller with co-hosts Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry Du Bois, four -time TV Week Logie Award-winning lifestyle program The Living Room, adds some flavour to Friday nights on 10.

With genuine warmth and infectious chemistry, The Living Room family invites viewers to relax and start the weekend on the right note. From the best recipes, to exclusive interviews with the hottest stars, The Living Room serves an array of the most delectable stories and segments, with the guarantee of laughs along the way.

Amanda interviews the hottest local and international stars, resident master builder Barry employs some unbelievable renovation rescues and design challenges, Spanish chef Miguel boasts stacks of new and exciting recipes to try at home, and roving travel reporter Chris sets sail for a series of incredible holiday destinations, and answers a pet question or two along the way.

The Living Room also features an extended family of expert special guests including master de-clutterer Peter Walsh, renovation queen Cherie Barber and design duo Kyal and Kara.

HOT OR NOT returns weekly to showcase the latest and greatest gadgets, gizmos, products and trends from around the world that you never knew you needed.

Kick back with your four friends and get inspired each Friday on The Living Room

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