32 Thoughts Everyone Had While Watching The Bachelor Premiere

Published: 27 July 2017

The Bachelor

Lights out?!? FIRE DANCER?

1.  Our boy Matty J is FINALLY back

2. SHIRTLESS MATTY ALERT! You could grate cheese on those perfectly sculpted abs…


3. Matty holding a baby is what dreams are made of

4. Classic Osher looks perfect as always. Keen for the Osher/Matty bromance TBH

5. OMG! Alix’s dress is amazing…

6. Tara has a tattoo of a face behind her right ear? Oh wait, is it her left ear? 

7. Laura’s outfit is to die for, especially when paired with her own line of bling

8. Awww Cobie! What a cutie


9. So many gorgeous girls! 

10. Hahaha Natalie #instastalker

11. Rule #1: to make a good first impression, never say the word ‘moist’

12. Nothing says impressive like a cop car entrance

13. Love coach Belinda’s one-minute staring exercise is a bit odd, but hey, she’s a professional!

14. Florence is gorgeous, loving her sleek 'do

15. Akoulina aka a little rhythmic ribbon fairy!

16. Leggy model Lisa describes herself as a “huge beast” in heels #tallgirlproblems

17. Loving Leah’s super cheeky personality and dress

18. Drama already? Love it!

19. Phew! Thank God Osher is back to break the tension 

20. A secret garden?!

21. Lights out?!? FIRE DANCER?

22. Elora is ~literally~ smoking hot

23. Loving Jen’s straight-to-the-point ‘tude; no messing around with her!

24. Oh. Yes. DRAAAMA!

25. Tears during the first ep? This must be a record!

The Bachelor

26. Wait… was that a FART? This is definitely a record!

27. “I don’t want drama” – Jen. Sure…

28. Secret garden time!

29. Awww! Michelle deserves that first rose, what a legend

The Bachelor

30. Hell yeah, Rose Ceremony time!

31. So the Jen vs. Elizabeth drama continues…

32. Noooo! Goodbye to Monica and Stacey <3

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