Who Will Make It To The MasterChef Grand Finale?

Published: 30 July 2018

MasterChef Season 10 Sashi and Ben Grand Finale

24 home cooks earned the privilege of donning the iconic apron, but who will join MasterChef’s most elite alumni by making it into the Grand Finale?

Down to the final two, this season’s MasterChef contenders have enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From exploring the Australian foodie landscape to cooking alongside culinary heroes including Maggie Beer, Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay, let’s take a look at the extraordinary road that’s led Sashi and Ben to the Grand Finale.


In Sashi’s first Elimination Challenge the pressure was on. Peter Gilmore’s formidable Snow Egg was made even more difficult when cooking time was reduced. Yikes! 

In Episode 45, when Sashi received ginger in his Mystery Box. He used Banana leaf to steam his barramundi fish. What a beautiful technique! 

MasterChef Australia Season 10

In week seven, after an intricate round one, Sashi battled for his second Immunity Pin. He chose lamb and peas as his two ingredients, and scored a history-making 27/30 – winning his second Immunity Pin of the series in the process!

In Episode 17, Sashi received his new motto for the kitchen from guest Chef Gordon Ramsay – “Less is more”.


Tender, charred and glazed… what more could you ask for in juicy ribs! Ben’s ribs were so good that Matt even spilt them on his suit!

In Royal Week, Ben wowed the judges with his seared Barramundi Cod with Lemond Beurre Blanc Sauce. A dish so good that Gary even asked for a second portion! 

In Gordon Ramsay’s Pressure Test, Ben made sure everyone was helped out. Not only was he focusing on his dish, but he was helping Chloe as well!

In the season full of surprises, who has what it takes to make it all the way to Heston Blumenthal’s Grand Finale Challenge?

MasterChef Australia Season 10