Are You Ready For The Return Of Heston Bluementhal?

Published: 30 July 2018

MasterChef Australia

The MasterChef winner will be crowned any second now. But first, our top two will have to recreate one of culinary legend Heston Blumenthal’s amazing dishes, from his renowned British restaurant, The Fat Duck. Let’s take a look at what he’s brought to the table in the past…

The BFG Hot Chocolate


In Season 6 of MasterChef, Heston gave us “The BFG Hot Chocolate”. Behold the fanciest and most elegant hot chocolate you’ll ever see, thanks to this celebrity chef.

Botrytis Cinerea 


In Season 7, Heston presented the Botrytis Cinerea to be recreated in the Finale’s Pressure Test. Matt Preston said of the dish – “This is a pressure test that is so devilish in the detail, so technical in its trickery and so mind-blowingly clever in its creation, that when you look at it you won’t know where to start or how it was made”.

Verjus In Egg 


We didn’t think anything could top the Season Seven’s Finale Pressure Test… but we were wrong. Heston returned for the Grand Finale of Season 8, presenting yet again, an unbelievable dish for the contestants to recreate. At the time, Matt Sinclair said – “This is beyond a plate of food, this is a science, this is an art.”

What could he possibly bring to this year’s Grand Finale challenge that could top his previous masterpieces? Keeping watching MasterChef to find out.