Blind Date stars host Julia Morris

About Blind Date

Before online dating, before swiping left and right, the whole world fell in love with the television phenomenon Blind Date.

Blind Date was the original and very first dating game show on television.

For decades, this highly successful and most beloved dating showed has proven to be a tried and true format in over 25 countries and has created happy couples the world over. Now, Blind Date is back in Australia, for a whole new digital age generation.

From our cheeky host Julia Morris to hilarious banter between the contestants, Blind Date taps into the overwhelming demand for family viewing fun, laughter and freshness in 2018.  
It is adaptable and timeless and everyone wants to see which couples have the chemistry. Will there be sparks flying the moment the studio divider wall pulls back? What will they think of their Blind Date

Blind Date premieres 7.30 Monday October 15.

Blind Date Host