Is Russell Hantz Survivor's Sneakiest Player?

Published: 01 August 2018

Australian Survivor Russell's Strategy
Australian Survivor Russell's Strategy
You're watching Australian Survivor Russell's Strategy "They don't know what's about to hit them, they have no clue what's looming"

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The infamously notorious Survivor player Russell Hantz has arrived in Champions v Contenders and he’s ready to show the Aussies how the game is really played…


“It's amazing how good I am at this game”  - Russell Hantz 

Joining the Champions tribe, Russell Hantz has made a big splash onto the Fijian beaches of Australian Survivor, claiming he is the “greatest player the world has ever seen”. Armed with unscrupulous gameplay, we’re dying to see how he’ll go sitting shoulder to shoulder with some of Australia’s most honourable sports players. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Survivor’s most influential villain…  

The Survivor Hall of Fame 

Russell Hantz was first introduced in US Survivor: Samoa in 2009 and made quite the stir with his unapologetically fierce and manipulative gameplay. He made such an impact during his first season that he was asked to join the 10-year anniversary season, Heroes vs Villains, before his Survivor debut had even aired. He then also competed on Survivor Redemption Island in 2011.  

Russell is one of the few competitors to make it to the finals on more than one season, making it to the Final Two in Survivor: Samoa and the Final Three in Heroes vs Villians, but is yet to secure the spot of Sole Survivor due to his inability to garner votes from the Jury because of his lack of social game. Will he get his crown in Champions v Contenders 


King of Immunity Idols 

Russell made history in Survivor: Samoa when he was the first player to ever find an Immunity Idol without a clue, setting a trend for future players. But not only was he able to find the idol without a clue, but he found it in front of his tribe without them knowing. Can you say sneaky, sneaky? In the three seasons he’s appeared on the US Survivor, he’s held six idols - the most of any Survivor player ever. How will the Aussies compete with the King of Immunity Idols?  


The Ultimate Villain 

Russell made it clear from the get go that he wasn’t afraid to cheat, lie and leave his conscience at the door, showing no interest in playing his game with honour and truth. Since his first appearance, we’ve seen him lie to his tribemates by claiming he was a victim of Hurricane Katrina (when he wasn’t), dump out all of the tribe’s drinking water and burn another tribemate’s socks, all in hope that this would cause his tribe to lose challenges… and it worked. This subsequently sent his tribe to Tribal Council eight out of 10 times before the merge, where he had control over all of these votes…. And all of this was just in his debut season. Watch out Champions and Contenders! 


Blindside Badass 

Russell has managed to pull off many blindsides during his time in Survivor. Most notably convincing another Survivor to change their vote, which led to them getting the boot, and also convincing a competitor to give their immunity idol to him, only to use it to vote them out… ouch. 


How will Survivor’s sneakiest player go in a tribe full of honourable Aussie Champions?