Everything We Know About Survivor Champions v Contenders

Published: 16 July 2018

Survivor Australia

There's the strongest Survivor tribe ever assembled, then there’s the tribe that wants to take them down. For the first time in Survivor history, 12 everyday Aussies take on 12 champions in a challenge of David and Goliath proportions. Here's everything we know so far...

JLP is back

What would Australian Survivor be without our very own Jonathan LaPaglia? JLP has returned for the third time to be the snuffer of flames and the voice of reason in the otherwise chaotic world of Survivor. With the Champions and Contenders we've been introduced to so far, Jonathan is sure to have his hands full!

This Season Is Filmed In Fiji

The location of Australian Survivor may look a little different this year, with JLP and the Survivors being dropped into Fiji to battle it out. A quick snippet of Fiji was shown in one of the promos, with a small boat drifting through a tropical river with very lush surroundings. We're keen to see what Mother Nature throws at the contestants this year.


Champions Aren't Just Sport Stars

These champions are here to play. In the lineup so far, we have sport superstars Moana Hope and Mat Rogers. Self-confessed Survivor fans, they've both been watching the show for many years. There's also former Special Forces Commando, Damien, who's overcome the loss of his legs and come out swinging - this guy is a fighter and a true champion. 

Throw in an Astrophysicist and an Olympic Swimming World Record Holder and you've got yourself the beginning of a strong Champion tribe. We can't wait to see who will be revealed next! 

The Contenders Are Just As Fierce As The Champions

These Contenders are sure to surprise the Champions with their ferocity, determination, strength, and skill. Introducing: 'the friendly giant', a sales rep who isn't afraid to push boundaries and a takeaway delivery driver promised to be a big character.

Then there's construction manager, Robbie, who's determined to take down the big dogs with a never-back-down attitude. "I don't mind being called a contender," he said. "I'll be the champion at the end of the day". These are just some of the underdogs that will take on the Champions, and they aren't going to leave the island without a fight.

Will they come out on top?

The Challenges Are Just As Big As Ever 

We've seen a glimpse of what to expect in the challenges this season, and they look as huge and as epic as ever. Contestants will be tested physically and mentally, while being pushed to the absolute limits.  

Whose Side Are You On?

It's time to pick a side and let the challenges begin. Are you going for the Champions or the Contenders?