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In 2018, Ten’s critically acclaimed family entertainment series, Australian Survivor, returns with a premise the game has never seen before: Champions vs Contenders.

It is a case of David verse Goliath, where 12 everyday contestants will be pitted against 12 players who are champions in their field, be it mental, physical or social. 

Featuring people from all walks of life, Australian Survivor will see a Takeaway Delivery Rider taking on Olympic Medallists and an Interior Designer going up against an Astrophysicist.

For 50 days, these castaways will be forced to compete against each other aiming for the same goal: to outwit, outlast and outplay each other to be the ultimate Sole Survivor. Running on little sleep, little food and possessing only the clothes on their back, just one castaway will survive to take out the ultimate prize of $500,000.

Taking place for the first time in the tropical paradise of Savusavu, the contestants will have to put their moral codes to the test as they negotiate the perils of social networking and changing alliances, while pushing their bodies and minds past breaking point. 

Following an epic final battle and Tribal Council, the series culminates with a huge reunion special where all 24 contestants return to find out who will be crowned the winner.

Will a Contender have what it takes to beat a Champion? Or will one of the Champions rise to prove why they are considered a giant in Australian society? 

Hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia, Australian Survivor is an unrelenting test of courage, endurance and strength that pushes people to their limits and beyond.

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