Ep 1 Make-Unders

Published: 26 February 2018

100% Hotter

See the top before and after make-unders from 100% Hotter Episode 1!

The Experts

What makeover show is complete without some simply fabulous makeover, or in this case 'make-under,' experts?


Grace, The Stylist

Grace is cool as a cucumber and a total pro at putting together sensational outfits. 

Daniel, The Hair Designer

When a hair designer has locks as luscious as Daniel's, you know they've got to be good at their job.  

Melissa, The Make-Up Artist

With makeup that flawless, we can't wait to see what magic she can work.

The Episode One Transformations

Jade "The Barbie Doll" 

First the team meet Jade, whose aim is to make herself look as close to a doll as possible. Her inspiration? Barbie, of course; just look at the tattoo on her hand. Jade's long-suffering mum, who is forever finding clumps of Jade's platinum hair extensions about the house, and her boyfriend, who dislikes the male attention Jade's ample GG chest attracts, are both keen for her to tone things down. But when Jade reveals that she feels insecure without at least two layers of fake tan per day and a full face of makeup, it appears that the trio of experts must makeover Jade's self-esteem as well as her wardrobe. It's an emotional process, but eventually the team transforms Jade from an over-done Barbie to a natural beauty. 

100% Hotter Season 1 Episode 1 

"Metal Head" Maisie

As soon as the team meets Maisie, it's obvious that she has a serious thing for spikes, studs and, of course, piercings - she's got 23 all up! Add in lashings of dark eyeliner, black lipstick and some risque clothing, and you've got a very bold look. With the encouragement of a friend, Maisie - who works in business admin - is on a mission to turn her gothic aesthetic into something more office-friendly. The experts agree that Maisie's punk-rock spirit isn't going anywhere, so they carefully translate elements of her old look into something far more refined. Maisie - now minus the scraggly hair extensions and super-tight corset that attracted attention for all the wrong reasons - can't hide her surprise excitement when her transformation is finally revealed. 

100% Hotter Season 1 Episode 1100% Hotter Season 1 Episode 1

We cannot wait to see who Grace, Daniel and Melissa make-under next.

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