Stop What You're Doing And Watch These Old Neighbours Clips

Published: 09 April 2018

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

With Plain Jane Superbrain returning to Erinsborough, we thought we needed a refresher on the nerd-come-model that was Jane Harris, way back in the ‘80s. And what better way to do that than to watch really old Neighbours clips on YouTube. Dive in!

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Jane came to Erinsborough to get to know her parents who didn’t really care much about her, leading to her moving in with her grandmother Nell Mangel. She was teased at school for being a total geek, earning the nickname Plain Jane Superbrain.

That was until Helen Daniels gave her a makeover, turning her into a total babe and decking her out in one of the best ‘80s school formal outfits of all time, and winning the heart of local heartthrob, Mike Young, played by Guy Pearce.

She was good friends with Neighbours royalty Scott and Charlene, and was their bridesmaid at the soap opera wedding event of the 20th century. (That friendship famously went to hell when Jane and Scott snogged down by the lake. That’s right, Plain Jane almost destroyed Scott and Charlene’s marriage. Unbelievable).

Sometime after the wedding, Jane and Mike broke up. Which we’re really only mentioning because this clip is ah-mazing. “I’m your girlfriend, roight?”

Neighbours, 2018, channel eleven

Proving that brains and beauty can coexist in a person, Jane maintained a career as Paul Robinson’s secretary, going on to become a successful business woman, while also being a model and the face of Lassiters, aka the ‘Lassiters' Girl’.


At one point, Jane’s mum returned to Erinsborough, using manipulation and mother-guilt to briefly force Jane back to being plain.

Then she fell in love with her middle-aged widower neighbour, Des, who’d been Mike’s legal guardian when they were at school. That’s kind of like falling in love with your ex-boyfriend’s dad, but anyway.

Neighbours, 2018, channel ten

Jane left Erinsborough – and Des – and moved to the UK to look after her grandmother, Nell. And that’s where she’s been all this time, until now. And that can only mean one thing – this woman has a hidden agenda.

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