Olympia Valance Shakes Up Ramsay Street

Published: 27 May 2014

Olympia Valance

Olympia Valance retreads the footsteps of her older sister Holly as she joins the cast of Neighbours as feisty new girl Paige

Throughout the Neighbours audition process 21-year-old model and actress Olympia Valance had the guidance of her older sister Holly, who launched her career as Flick Scully on the Aussie soap 15 years ago. “I couldn’t have done it without her," said Olympia. "After each audition I'd call her and tell her what happened, she'd tell me, ‘Relax, they’re calling you back ‘cause they like you!’.”

The young actress is set to make a dramatic entrance on Neighbours as new girl Paige Novak, who "comes in with a bang and ruffles a lot of feathers.” Despite her flair for causing trouble Olympia is confident Neighbours fans will embrace Paige: "She's cool, she's sexy and she shows a bit of skin. She’s borderline crazy but people are going to like that. I think she’s going to be a character that people really love."

Being part of the soapie's tight-knit cast has been a joy, “We are all best friends," said Olympia, "From the moment I came to the show we just all clicked, even with the older cast members; Collette Mann, for example, is absolutely hilarious."

Like her sister, Olympia hopes the role can be a launch pad to a successful acting career. "Neighbours has ‘made’ more people than any other TV show in Australia. I feel so lucky to be on this iconic show that has started the careers of so many inspirational people. Hopefully, this is just chapter one."

We can't disclose Olympia's favourite on-set experience so far but it's safe to say Paige flies into Erinsborough like a cyclone. Prepare to witness an iconic Neighbours set lying in her wake!

Don't miss Olympia Valance’s Ramsay St debut, 6.30 Monday June 2 on ELEVEN