Madam Secretary: World Policewoman

Published: 05 August 2015

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Wife, mother, possessor of voluminous hair and…. global saviour? Yes madam, peace would be a fragile thing indeed without Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord catching the world when it falls. We present her top five feats of political heroism.

Elizabeth McCord… prevents nuclear disaster

A Cold War threat lurks beneath the surface, but McCord’s in no mood to catch the sniffles. To lesser appointed officials, a rogue Russian nuclear submarine in US waters would be significant cause for concern but not for our Bess, who calmly insists that you really shouldn’t judge a sub by its missiles. Saving US and Soviet lives by getting to the bottom of the story, Liz announces to the world: ‘I got diplomatic game.’

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Elizabeth McCord… saves the environment

Facing up to a nerve-jangling appearance on Face the Nation should be enough for Elizabeth to worry about, but no, she won’t rest until she’s spared the Ecuadorian rainforest from an oily fate. Thankfully, being Bess, she digs in her power heels and shows those greedy diggers who’s boss.

Elizabeth McCord… solves the Greek debt crisis

Lacking the means to bail out Greece from her own pocket, Elizabeth flexes her political muscle to prevent a financial agreement from going south. Implausibly, she ensures that hesitant European nations do the right thing by helping her boss point out everything they’ve done wrong. Amazing? You fetta believe it.

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Elizabeth McCord... stops an assassination… and prevents nuclear disaster. Again.

When you’re on the verge of signing a historic nuclear treaty with Iran, it helps if its leader is alive to put pen to paper. Thankfully Bess’ nose for a plot means she’s mercifully able to foil the assassination of President Shiraz, proving yet again that she’s an invaluable member of the Cabernet. Sorry, cabinet.

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