Is Grant Denyer A Superhero?

Published: 18 July 2016

Family Feud, 2016, channel ten

Whether he’s throwing banter about with contestants on Family Feud, or running amok with kids on The Great Australian Spelling Bee, Grant Denyer has an endless supply of warmth and smiles. It begs the question – does he have powers that mere mortals don't? Regardless, we should all aspire to be like him. Here’s why.

He has boundless energy

Vibes are contagious, and we tend to feed off the people we’re surrounded by, which is why we all feel unstoppable in Grant’s presence. Lethargy never got anyone anywhere, take a leaf out of Grant’s book and you will achieve anything.

The Great Australian Spelling Bee, season 2, channel ten

He’s funny

They say laughter is the best medicine, so Grant is kind of like a doctor. We don’t recommend turfing your antibiotics, but supplementing them with episodes of Family Feud could contribute to a speedy recovery.

He doesn’t take himself seriously

Someone on the internet once said, “laugh at the joke that is you,” and Grant’s jokes are often at his own expense. The effect is mood-lightening, heartwarming, joyous. Don’t be the downer in the room, be the Denyer.

All Star Family Feud, 2016, Channel TEN

He knows that height is in the eye of the beholder

People who don’t take themselves seriously can’t be wounded by other people’s perceptions of their supposed inferiority. When Grant held the Silver Logie and professed his excitement at having received a life-sized statue, he proved that it’s personality that makes a person tall.


If sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, then an ability to turn the simplest of statements into cheeky, borderline crass innuendos demonstrates pure genius. Grant, you’re a poet.

He’s smart

He has to be. He wouldn’t be able to craft all those innuendos if he wasn’t.

He sets his inner child free

If you want to show strength of character, you have to allow yourself the freedom to be a big kid. There’s nothing shameful about a playful adult who still giggles when someone says ‘dong’.

He drives good car

He might be a smiley family man, but he’s a demon on the race track. Seriously, bad boys ‘aint got nothing on a nice guy with a fast car.

Family Feud, 2016, channel ten

He’s humble

In his Logies acceptance speech, Grant thanked everyone who helped to make Family Feud the success it is. Game shows may not be the most important things out there, he said, but they’re important to “us”.

What he means is, game shows don’t save lives, but they do bring a little bit of joy to them. And what gives Grant joy? Bringing joy to the people.

If he’s not a superhero, he's a pretty super human.

Catch Grant Denyer on Family Feud 6.00 weeknights and on The Great Australian Spelling Bee 6.30 Sundays on TEN